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Code of Conduct

Expectation of Students

- Arrive at school on time.
- Dress in a manner appropriate to the school environment. A clean and tidy appearance is expected with no inappropriate clothing (e.g., negative pictures, words on clothing, ripped clothing is not allowed).

- No writing on oneself (i.e., on arms or legs) and no presentation of self that denotes a "spirit day" type of appearance unless otherwise planned for the school.
- Be honest and trustworthy.
- Comply with the requests of all school personnel.
- Use courteous, respectful language and good manners at all times.
- Conduct yourself in a manner which promotes a positive moral tone in the school.
- Treat with respect, equipment and materials belonging to the school, school personnel or other people.
- Borrow materials only when permission is given.
- Engage yourself in physical activities which do not inflict harm on another person.
- Attempt to master classroom routines and studies.
- Complete assignments on time.
- Be responsible for your conduct while on out-of-school activities and while traveling on a school bus.
- The staff will continually strive to recognize the good behaviour of students. A variety of problem solving strategies will be employed in order to teach appropriate behaviour.
- Consequences will result in students who do not meet reasonable expectations.

Problem Solving Strategies

- The teacher and the student will discuss behavioural concerns and establish improvement strategies.
- The principal will talk with the student and try to reach an understanding.
- Parent/guardians will be notified of ongoing behavioural problems. An interview may be conducted between the student, his/her parents and appropriate school personnel.
- Support personnel will assist in developing strategies for improvement when necessary.


- Time out spot within the classroom or withdrawal from the classroom setting.
- Withdrawal of privileges or extra curricular activities.
- Appropriate consequences established following a conference with the parents and the child.
- Requiring student to make restitution or apology where appropriate.
- Behavioural or performance contract.
- In extreme cases, students may be suspended from school or excluded from school programs. The record of a student’s past behaviour will always be considered and communication with parents will occur before any action is taken.